Registered booking

You can check your booking state using your username and password, set up during registration process (Only for all academic course)..

Booking state

1. For the academic year. 01 de October al 15 de September

This section is directed only to students who will or are making a career and want to live in the College during the next academic year. The other was interested in accommodation in paragraphs 2, 3 or 4.

Regardless of the date fixed as deadline academic year, there is always the possibility, which must be confirmed by the management of the Centre to extend to them as they would come before or if you want to go later.
Those interested should fill out the registration on the website, in the section of applications, between 1 May and 1 June. Applications that arrive after these dates will go on a waiting list if there are casualties when making selections for allocating places. You can check the password assigned by the register when all the regulations of the College, both from the economic point of view as well as from the internal list of all the services we offer.

By the following year the average monthly cost with full board and all services outlined in the prospectus, some of which are already on the website itself, is:

Habitació Individual B

Habitació doble

Habitació doble